Physical Spirituality

Online Reader

Table of Contents

Part I:

Modes of Interaction

Spatial Arrangements
Connectivity and Architectivity
The Relevance of Scale

Part II:

Modes of Meaning

Serial Meanings of the Architective Mode
Serial Meanings of the Connective Mode
Features of Serial Meaning
The Architective Dominion

Part III:

Modes of Spirituality

Spiritual Possibilities
Unimodal Deities
A Personal Perspective

Part IV:

Changing the Paradigm

The Unsung Virtues of Sublimation
Psychedelics in Perspective
Connectivity, Architectivity, Yin and Yang
Faith and Reason
Cosmic Consciousness in Perspective
To Sleep, to Dream
The Post Planetary Age

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The Oracle of Love has been published in digital format only.

It can be read directly on the web at from which free ebook versions in both kindle and EPUB format can be downloaded.

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